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Statewide: Maintaining voter integrity

NPR Illinois

With the fall election nearing, many have raised questions about the validity of the electoral process. That includes making sure those casting a ballot are eligible. We hear from Illinois election authorities about how they make sure voter rolls are accurate and how citizens can make sure their ballots are counted.

This week on Statewide:

* WGLT's Charlie Schlenker tells us how the City of Chicago is reaching out to other Illinois cities for help dealing with immigrants bused in from red states.

* Kristen Schorsch has the story of the only Republican incumbent running for the Cook County Board this year.

* Mawa Iqbal talked with Illinois experts about protecting voter rights.

* Eric Schmid reports on how environmental improvements in many communities need to be balanced with economic reality.

* Tim Shelley talks with Bill Knight, who has written about problems in the newspaper industry, and how it's impacting some central Illinois markets.

* Steph Whiteside has details on patients with what's known as "long COVID" and how the studies surrounding their conditions might help others with chronic illnesses.

* Side Effects Public Media's Natalie Krebs has more on why maternal health advocates worry about the impact abortion bans can have, especially on the Black community.

* Emily Hays interviews Marquette University Professor Phillip Rocco , who is part of a team researching how American Rescue Plan money is being spent.

* Yvonne Boose brings us the story of a spoken word poet from Rockford.

* Peter Medlin with WNIJ talks to some educators about the new media literacy requirement in schools.