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IL Republican Leader Responds to Pritzker's Budget Address

Illinois Republican Party

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider released the following statement in response to Governor Pritzker’s Budget Address.

“Illinois’ fiscal crisis demands urgent action and serious solutions.

"Today, the only thing Governor Pritzker offered was new spending proposals and a false choice between the progressive income tax and devastating cuts.

"It’s disingenuous for the Governor to attempt to scare the public into voting for higher taxes to plug our budget hole and then turn around and advocate for new spending - in the same speech.

"The Governor promises the progressive income tax will do a few things, including filling our nearly $3 billion dollar structural deficit, paying down the backlog of bills, and providing a tax cut for 97% of Illinoisans - all while providing property tax relief for everyone.

"Add into the picture that the Governor proposed over $10 billion dollars in new spending during the campaign, and it’s clear the progressive income tax and it’s currently proposed rates are a Trojan horse for California-style marginal tax rates and massive middle class tax hikes.

"Any budget address or solution that stops short of proposing substantive reforms to our pension mess is an unserious attempt at papering over our fiscal disaster with accounting gimmicks and false promises.

"Illinoisans deserved to hear from a courageous Governor willing to make tough budgetary decisions today. Instead, they heard from a politician hiding behind scare tactics and impossible promises.”

In addition, Illinois State Senator Neil Anderson released the following statement about the Governor’s Budget Address.

“Increasing spending and relying on the approval of the Governor’s massive tax increase is extremely irresponsible.

"The continuous cycle of tax more, spend more has got to end. Illinoisans have been taxed enough.

"The status quo here in Illinois is that it’s never enough, when in reality, it’s very possible to balance the budget under our current revenues, we just have to live within our means.”

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