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Biden Talks Foreign Policy in Davenport

One day after the Democratic debate in Ohio, former Vice President Joe Biden brought his presidential campaign to the RiverCenter in downtown Davenport. 

Biden spoke to the audience for 45 minutes, focusing exclusively on foreign policy and President Trump's removal of American troops from Syria.

"He greenlighted Turkey's invasion," said Biden. "Now, he's left asking Turkey to stop it. But, the damage is done: you don't get do-overs when it comes to national security. The decisions have deadly, serious consequences."

Biden says the Kurds made the ultimate sacrifice by losing 10,000 soldiers while helping the United States take on ISIS, and the president "sold them out."

"So now, the Kurds have had to make the only Faustian bargain they could make to avoid being wiped out and their women and children being wiped out by the onslaught of the Turkey military. They made a deal with two devils: Bashar Assad, a murderer who heads the government of Syria, and Vladimir Putin, for their protection."

Biden is one of four presidential candidates with campaign stops in the Quad Cities this week, as Kamala Harris has a Quad-City Times town hall on Thursday at St. Ambrose University, and Amy Klobuchar and Julian Castro will be in town on Friday.