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Pete Buttigieg Outlines Plan for Rural America

Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg has laid out his policy to "unlock the potential of rural America." On Wednesday, he outlined the details during a campaign stop at the Cedar County Fairgrounds in Tipton.

His plan includes "Community Renewal visas" that would encourage immigrants to move to rural areas to improve their economies. In addition, it would ensure internet connectivity nationwide.

"We are proposing an $80 billion investment - internet for all - during my presidency to make sure that every American has a way to get access to high speed broadband no matter where you are in the country."

The plan also involves convincing teachers to work in rural communities.

"We have an initiative to reduce the teacher shortage by half. Increasing teacher salaries for rural title one schools, offering loan forgiveness if you choose to serve in those communities, and making it easier for people to get certified and qualified in the first place." 

Buttigieg says he would also invest $50 billion on research on cutting carbon emissions caused by agriculture.