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Website Upgrade to Help IL Treasurer Hand Out More Unclaimed Cash

Illinois State Treasurer
Screenshot with added instructions for step 3 of the <$500 submission process. After receiving an email response, don't fill out the attached form. Instead, click on "Upload Claim Documentation," & go from there.

It's now easier for people to receive unclaimed property in Illinois, if it's less than $500. The Illinois Treasurer's office has added a couple of online tools to submit paperwork and get money quickly.

Credit Illinois State Treasurer
IL Treasurer, Mike Frerichs

Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs says the improved, I-Cash website will save time and money. Part of his job is to distribute $2.9 billion in unclaimed money and other assets held by the state.

But even if the treasurer's office finds the right owner, many of the claims are for less than $100. Frerichs says, "They complain that it's not worth the effort for less than $100. They've never heard of it. Or they just don't trust the state of Illinois and think it's a scam."

Most unclaimed cash amounts to less than $500. People can use the new E-Claim tool to upload documents securely. And Fast Track allows his office to automate the review process for quick approval. But those who file claims for more than $500 must continue to send paperwork to the Illinois Treasurer by mail.