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QC Native Named to Top IRS Job in Chicago


A man who grew up in the Quad Cities has followed his father into law enforcement, but a much different kind. In June, Gabriel Grchan was named special agent in charge of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service in Chicago. 

He's the son of former Rock Island County Sheriff Mike Grchan.

Gabriel Grchan says he always wanted to be an accountant, but a summer internship with the IRS got him interested in what he calls a fascinating job and career.

"This was seen as very unique, something that I didn't see myself getting into, especially the law enforcement side of it. But after that experience, that's what motivated me to put in for it."

In Chicago, he oversees 100 IRS agents working in Illinois and Indiana, investigating tax fraud, tax evasion, money launderinng, organized crime, public corruption, and even terrorism cases.

While serving as the special agent in charge in New Orleans, Grchan helped investigate former mayor Ray Nagin - for bribery, money laundering, and tax evasion.

"I think that really shows the quality of the cases we work because that was a very well-known case. Obviously someone with a lot of responsibility who was taking bribes and not using the position of his office the way he should have been."

After graduation from Black Hawk College and Western Illinois University, he first worked in the criminal investigation division in Davenport, then rose through the ranks in Chicago, Phoenix, New Orleans, and Washington DC, before taking his latest position in Chicago.

Grchan says he's enjoyed all of those postings, but always considered Illinois his home, and wanted eventually to return.