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Democrats Will Pick a Replacement for Joe Seng

Scott County Democratic Party

Scott County democrats are preparing to choose a replacement for Davenport State Senator Joe Seng who died in September. Thursday night they'll hold a nominating convention at West High School in Davenport.

And making the decision will be the 20 precinct committee-persons from Seng's 45th State Senate District.

County chairman, Thom Hart, says he knows of at least two people interested in running for the seat and they are the two democrats who represent House seats in the 45th District: Jim Lykam and Cindy Winckler. Winckler was first elected to the Iowa House in 2000, while Lykam won his first election two years later.

The democratic candidate will take on republican Mike Gonzales of Davenport in the special election on December 27th.

The democrats' nominating convention begins Thursday night at 6:30.