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Drone for the Holidays ?

Illinois Department of Transportation

In a normal year, the Illinois Department of Transportation's only concern during the holidays would be winter driving tips, and warnings about detours. But this year is different.

Because of their growing popularity as Christmas gifts this year, the department has sent out information about drones. Linda Schumm, chief of the DOT's Aviation Safety Bureau, says the Federal Aviation Administration estimates the number of drones sold in the US will double in the final quarter of the year, because of Christmas. 
Since drones are considered to be aircraft, operators are considered pilots, and the rules include do not fly a drone more than 400 feet above the ground, or within 5 miles of an airport. 

Keep in sight, avoid other aircraft, and don't fly over large groups of people.

These rules have been in effect for years, for remote control model airplanes.

Schumm says just last week (12/14), the FAA announced all drones must be registered whether they're for commercial or recreational use.
A task force appointed by the governor is supposed to develop rules for operating drones in Illinois by next summer. 

Credit Illinois Department of Transportation
From an Illinois DOT poster.