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Dubuque Council Okays Next Phase of Flood Prevention

City of Dubuque

Last night, Dubuque aldermen approved two contracts for another phase of the Bee Branch Watershed Flood Mitigation Project. The city is using several techniques to reduce flash flooding and the damage it causes.

Engineer DeronMuehring Dubuque will build more detention basins to hold back water during storms. And it will continue to improve alleys.

Credit http://dubuque.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapTour/?appid=c89b8e0cc29942ad9549687a5ce9c740 / City of Dubuque
City of Dubuque
Before & after photos of an alley between Almond St. & W. Locust St. from Foye St. to Ellis St.

That program allows Dubuque to spend the interest the city owes on the loan for its new wastewater treatment plant on water quality improvements, including pervious pavement for alleys.

Muehring says state sales tax increment funds will pay for one of the largest elements in the flood mitigation plan.

We're taking a creek that was buried at the turn of the 20th century and restoring it.

The first contract is for building the creek channel, streets, and utilities. (Here's a link to an animated "flyover" https://youtu.be/XNDh2zjRD2U" target="_blank">video of the creek project.) The second contract is for building bridges and culverts between Garfield Avenue and East 24th Street, near Comiskey Park.

If all goes as planned, he says it'll take two years to get this phase of the Bee Branch flood project done.