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Mississippi River Rising Again

National Weather Service
Miss. R. at QC Wednesday afternoon 4/24/19

Already at high levels, the Mississippi River will go even higher by this weekend from Dubuque to the Quad Cities. 

The National Weather Service says the river Wednesday has risen 2 feet since Sunday at Dubuque and is now 4 1/2 feet over flood stage. It's forecast to rise another foot and-a-half by Sunday and then crest near 6 feet over flood stage.

It's started to go up in Fulton - up just a half-foot so far this week, and expected to crest on Monday and Tuesday 5 feet over flood stage.

And in the Quad Cities Wednesday, the Mississippi River is holding near 3 feet over flood stage. It should start rising Wednesday night and crest at 5.4 feet over flood stage on Monday and Tuesday.