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RI Schools Planning New Administrative Center

City of Rock Island
location of the property to be re-zoned

With some help from the city, the Rock Island School District plans to build a new administrative center. Monday night, the city council will consider zoning changes for the 2,000 block of 7th Avenue that will allow the district to replace two old buildings with one, modern new one.

Superintendent Reginald Lawrence says administrative offices are now located in a 111 year old building that's in-efficient and not handicapped accessible. The second building, the former Lincoln School that's about 70 years old, is now used for storage and the kitchen for all the district's schools.

"Overall the two sites which make up more than 147,000 square feet can now be housed in a new, efficient up-to-date facilitty that will house all three, give us the space we need, and continue to keep our footprint near the Broadway District here in Rock Island."

The two old buildings could end up being demolished, but Doctor Lawrence hopes someone, or some organization, will try to find a new use for them.

Earlier this month, the Rock Island Planning Commission recommended approval of the zoning change to help the district.