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Augustana Addition For M.A. Program

Augustana College's campus is growing to serve more students and offer more classes. The college plans to expand Brodahl Hall for the new masters program in speech-language pathology. 

Professor Allison Haskill says the field is very competitive at the graduate level. So, Augustana created a masters program, and will add space to help students continue their studies. 

"One thing we really like about our space - in addition to traditional classrooms and our clinic rooms that we're used to - is having several smaller, flexable spaces for conferences. So, one thing that we really like that we don't have currently in our building are spaces for those types of opportunities."

Brodahl Hall is the home to the college's Communication Sciences and Disorders program. Haskill says the new part of the building will accommodate 40 masters students, about 100 undergraduates, and 14 faculty and staff members.

"Our new edition will give us a lot more clinic space and also, to accomodate our masters program, we'll need more faculty. So, we'll have additional faculty space for offices and laboratories, and also conference space to meet new teaching needs that we'll have."

The expansion will cost 3.7 million dollars. Augustana plans to start constuction in the spring. The edition will double the size of Brodahl.