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Tax Rate May Hold Steady in UT District


Rising property values should bring in some new revenue for the United Township School District. Monday night the board of education will discuss a proposed tax levy for next year, with final approval set for next month.

Superintendent Jay Morrow says the proposed levy is 9 million dollars, or nearly 3 per cent higher than this year. And that's based on rising property values in the district, which includes parts of Rock Island and Henry counties. 

"That allows us to keep our property tax rate about the same. And we're projecting to keep the  rate exactly flat based on that increased levy."

It's now estimated the equalized assessed value of property in the district will rise 2 1/2 per cent.

Doctor Morrow says the additional revenue will help offset the deficit he's projecting for the year's school district budget of between 600 and 700,000 dollars.