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Moline School District Presents Incomplete Budget

The Moline School District is struggling to balance its budget amid Illinois' fiscal uncertainty.

The board approved a tentative $113 million budget last night, but that's contingent on money from the state. 

Chief Financial Officer Dave McDermott says the tentative budget assumes the district will get $5 million from the state this year -- $2.5 million that it's owed from this year and $2.5  million that it needs for next year. 
"This budget is somewhat incomplete because of two major factors: one is the state uncertainty, and then two, we're in the midst of negotiating with our teachers and our custodial staff so it assumes nothing for personnel except level funding." 

McDermott says despite the uncertainty, about 74 percent of the district's funding is secure, because it comes from local property taxes.

One highlight of the budget is that it has $10 million allocated for a new performing arts center at Moline High School. 

McDermott says the budget is likely to be amended in the coming months.