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SAU Offers Four Year Guarantee

WVIK Staff

Saint Ambrose University has a new offer for its students - if they agree to certain conditions, it will guarantee they'll graduate in four years or less. 

Making the announcement today, President Sister Joan Lescinski said it's called the "BEE Finished in Four Years Plan." And the goals are to encourage  students to earn a degree, and help them and their families save money.
Starting in the fall, first year students at Saint Ambrose will be asked to sign an agreement - to register on time, maintain good grades, choose a major in a "timely manner," and complete a minimum number of credits each year.

John Cooper, Vice President for Enrollment Management, says the disparity in earnings between high school graduates and those with college degrees has never been greater. 


Earning college credit is not enough - it's the degree that makes the difference.

He says recent studies show lifetime earnings for college graduates is 2.3 million dollars, 1 million more than for those with just a high school diploma. 

Augustana College instituted a similar program in 2012.