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New Culture of Care to Help QC Nonprofits

crawford brew 1.jpeg
Crawford Brew Works
CBW2: The annual "Over the Edge" fundraising event at the Hotel Blackhawk, Davenport, will be on Aug. 21

Crawford Brew Works in Bettendorf is launching a new community fundraising

The initiative, “Crawford’s Culture of Care,” focuses more time and energy on local nonprofit organizations. Phase one is a guest bartending series, which started July 12 and for two months will support Big Brothers Big Sisters and its annual Over the Edge fundraiser, which is August 21.

crawford brew 2.jpeg
Crawford Brew Works
Tom Taylor, Crawford Brew Works general manager, with Brittney Carstens, a former bartender who's raised thousands of dollars for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

All tips and proceeds from selected beer sales will go toward the fundraiser. For every milestone they hit, a different server at CBW will rappel off of the 11-story Hotel Blackhawk at the “Over the Edge” event. Each bartending event (Monday nights through Aug. 9 plus July 21) will feature different guests, as well as live music, says Crawford general manager Tom Taylor.

"A while back, this was when things opened up after Covid, we really felt a tremendous amount of gratitude within our customer base and within the community and all the support we were shown to help get through that time. And you really thought, there's something we can do with a business to really give back and go above and beyond, engaging with the community compared to what a lot of small businesses do. And so we came up with the idea of something called Crawford's Culture of Care.”

That includes four phases of helping each group - guest bartending, dedicating a portion of sales to donate, volunteer work, and then one large event that CBW would raise money for them. Taylor say this is CBW’s first time taking part in “Over the Edge.”

“We've gone out of our way, basically to really accommodate nonprofits holding events at Crawford Brew Works. But as I said, with the Culture of Care initiative that we're starting, we're really looking to get more involved, like outwardly to the community. So not just like, if you come here, we’ll work hard to make sure you can raise as much money as possible, but to actually participate in supporting the funds of these organizations that do so much for our community. So this is our first initiative where - while we've always done great work with nonprofits - we're really taking six steps forward and setting the bar for what local businesses can be doing for their community.”

BBBS is the first of several local nonprofits Crawford will support, the next in September and October, with guest bartending and one large event at CBW for that organization. Phase three would donate a $1 from particular beer sales, and the last phase would create a volunteer network for employees to work for that organization.

CBW has hosted regular events for nonprofit fundraisers, including for King's Harvest and Toys for Tots, offering discounts on their event space, and lower price on products to raise more money. Even after hurting financially due to Covid, CBW says it’s important to donate to worthwhile groups.

“While there's a little bit of a financial investment on our end to commit resources, real estate and labor to these causes, there's two things that come back. That’s developing a strong culture of care within Crawford, which in the end creates people who want to be here and want to not only support the community, but support us, and that kind of being a cohesive relationship. So while there are investments on our end, we find that the good that it does pays off for us as well, even as a business on the financial end.”

Taylor says BBBS is an ideal organization to help in the community.

“We talk all the time in education and in the school system, about making sure people aren't, kids aren't slipping through the cracks, being given the opportunities to thrive in our community. I mean investing in a young person in your community has tremendous value, just that you provide a life and some hope for somebody, on top of the benefits of those people, then growing up to be somebody who become sustainable members of the community, as well as pass on that goodness to other people as well. So I think whether it's any organization that is investing in the youth of your community, to me and to Crawford Brew Works is some of the most important work that can be done.”

To learn more about “Over the Edge,” visit bbbsmv.org/overtheedge.