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Buffalo Residents Work Together to Prepare for Floods

Volunteers are needed to help protect Buffalo from the Mississippi River. Last weekend, 60 people turned out to fill sandbags and more are need this Saturday.

Brandy Harland, general manager of the Buffalo Community Center, says town residents can come to the center, pick up as many bags as their car can hold, bring them home, and come back for more if needed.

"Actually this whole week we've had people doing community service out there and filling them through the week. But, it's hard, laboring work on your back. We have chairs, but it's still moving them, tying them, and bending over a lot. It's hard work, so, the more the merrier on Saturday."

Many home owners in lower areas that are already affected by flooding have been picking up sandbags at the center. 

While many volunteers came last weekend, she hopes many more will turn out this Saturday.

"What we're trying to do this weekend is just get ahead of the game, get a lot more done, and get a lot more volunteers down there. The Red Cross is going to come down and make sure everybody's fed lunch and has refreshments. And I just think we could get a lot done in one day if we got enough volunteers."

Sandbagging and pick up is at the Buffalo Community Center this Saturday from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.