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"We Welcome All People"

Religious leaders in the Quad Cities want businesses to show that they're open to everyone. One Human Family, founded by Rabbi Henry Karp and Reverend Rich Hendricks, has created signs for local business owners to put in their windows to "welcome all people."

Hendricks says he wants people to think about their own biases, speak out, and stand up against hate, and sharing these signs will help people do that.

"It's an overwhelming feeling [seeing the signs]. It makes me know that I'm a valued member of the community and there's really no substitute for that. I think it's just awesome. It makes such a powerful statement."

Hendricks and Karp say even though hate crime rates are low in the Quad Cities compared to national averages, there are still hate groups here and this is their way of responding to those groups. 

Karp says, "the philosopher Edmund Burke said 'the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing,' and these signs say that we have good people who are doing something. We have good people in our community who are standing up against the evil of hate and bigotry."

The One Human Family signs can be picked up at the Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities, the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, and the SIS International Fair Trade Center.