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Agency Helps Those Affected by Sexual Harassment at Work

Family Resources

Workplace sexual harassment occurs in many industries, not just entertainment and government.

But we rarely, if ever, hear about cases in the Quad Cities where bosses, supervisors and employees have subjected their co-workers to abuse, ranging from unwanted comments to sexual assault.

Michelle O'Neill talks with two Family Resources employees who work with people who've been targets of sexual harassment at their jobs in the Quad Cities.

Ashley Velez and Alexis Baker are Survivor Services Supervisors" at Family Resources in the Quad Cities. Velez says people should be aware of red flags for sexual harassment before and after they get hired. 

Employees may be reluctant to file a sexual harassment complaint with their company's human resources department. Velez says they're frequently concerned about losing their jobs or other mistreatment. But they should know Family Resources can help explain the process and support them. 

We don't know how prevalent workplace sexual harassment is in the Quad Cities. That's because Family Resources and local law enforcement do not separate workplace sexual assault from crimes that occur elsewhere.

On Friday (10/12/2018), Family Resources will host a lunch called, "Rising Up Against Sexual Abuse." The fundraiser will be held at the Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center in Bettendorf. Proceeds will help the agency provide survivor services to more than 10,000 clients per year.

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