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Davenport Survey Asks Residents About Satisfaction

Davenport wants to know how satisfied people are living in the city. This week, five-thousand residents will receive a survey asking about infrastructure, police and fire services, parks, and more. 

Brandon Wright, Assistant City Administrator, says Davenport is spending about twenty-thousand-dollars to administer the survey.

"What we're interested in is how the community opinions, attitudes, and perceptions of different services we provide... how those change over time. So -- in trying to be as responsible as we can, but still try and get the information we need to make good and sound decisions in the city -- we've gone with an every-other-year model that helps us to understand how perceptions and attitudes are changing over time."

The survey will help Davenport officials and departments with planning.

"We notice that there are areas where we know we need more attention in, we start to notice that opinions are sliding over time, that we can make a plan to adjust as we plan for that next year's budget."

Wright hopes at least eleven-hundred people respond to the survey. Anyone who lives in Davenport can fill it out on the city's website. He also says Davenport usually scores higher in satisfaction compared to other cities.