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Beer Garden Will Engage Customers Through High-Tech Tricks

Adam Barhan
Creative Commons

For craft beer fans, it's a problem all too common: you go out with your friends after a hard day's work, drive all the way to that one bar that has your favorite draft — only to find the kegs have run dry.

Dan Bush wants to make sure that never happens at Armored Gardens, the barbecue restaurant and bar he'll open in downtown Davenport this fall.

Bush is wiring his kegs to special software to monitor volume, and beam that information to the web.

"If you're on Facebook, if you're on the website, or if you're on the app, you can just pull it up on your phone and you can see in real time what's running low. So, if it's one of your favorites, you can come down and get it," he says.

The software also teaches customers about the beer — what brewery it comes from, its alcohol content, and even what type of glass it's served in.

"People are really excited about it," Bush says. "We don't have anything like it here in the Quad Cities and I think the more you can engage with people, the better."

Bush plans to offer about 75 varieties of craft beer to flow this fall, when Armored Gardens opens on Pershing Street, across the street from the Hotel Blackhawk.