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Liggins Fires Defense Team, Further Delaying Trial

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Stanley Liggins' trial has been postponed again.

Scott County District Court Judge Marlita Greve on Thursday approved Liggins' motion to fire his defense team. Liggins claims he and his lawyers suffered a complete breakdown in communication, resulting in what he calls a "toxic" relationship.

"I'm not stalling or anything like that, that's not what I'm doing," Liggins says. "I'm tired of sitting in this jail. I'm tired of coming up here. I know you all are tired of seeing me. The feeling is mutual. I just want to be represented right."

Liggins says his lawyers failed to present newly discovered evidence that has been withheld by the prosecution. But Scott County Attorney Mike Walton says Liggins hasn't presented any evidence to back up his claim.

"If he's got it, bring it on," Walton says. "It's awful vague, so I think it's pretty clear that it does not exist. If he's got something, bring it on."

Walton says despite this new delay, he is prepared to go to trial at any time.

Liggins has been convicted twice for the 1990 murder of nine-year-old Jennifer Lewis of Rock Island.

According to the ruling, the state public defender's office must appoint a new lawyer to represent Liggins. Judge Greve says this could delay the trial for as long as another year.