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Cheri Bustos

"A wonderful day." That's how Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos describes Wednesday's inauguration in Washington.

The Democrat from Moline who represents the 17th District says it was a historic and celebratory occasion following a period she thinks future generations will look back on with dismay.

Illinois's strict rules to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus have been relaxed for some parts of the state, including the Quad Cities. Friday Governor J.B. Pritzker announced three regions have met his goal to move out of the strictest level of his mitigation plan, Tier 3, to Tier 2.

That means some businesses, organizations, and activities can re-open, including youth and recreational sports. One example is Jumers Hotel and Casino that's announced plans to re-open Saturday morning - at 25 per cent capacity. But indoor dining is still not allowed in Tier 2.

Illinois General Assembly

On Midwest Week, the Illinois General Assembly finally held its "fall" veto session, and actually chose a new House Speaker.

Herb Trix's guest is Hannah Meisel, statehouse reporter for Illinois Public Radio.

You can also hear Midwest Week Fridays on WVIK at 6:20 pm during All Things Considered.

  Governor Kim Reynolds talks about her Condition of the State speech delivered this week. She discusses her major initiatives on schools, health care, broadband, workforce training, licensing reform and criminal justice.

Rock Island County

Even before final census figures are known, Rock Island County has begun working on how to re-draw county board member districts. This week, the county board's Governance, Health, and Administration Committee held its first meeting on re-apportionment.

Board Chair Richard Brunk says the committee looked at state laws and recent census estimates, and talked about the process it'll use.

"I'm very confident that there will be a reduction in the number of county board members through this process. The only question is exactly what that number will be."

City of Rock Island

Despite the pandemic Rock Island had a good year in 2020, and should be just as strong or stronger this year. That was the message Monday from Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms during his annual State of the City address to members of the Rotary and Kiwanis clubs.

Jon Fasman, US Digital Editor and former Washington correspondent for The Economist magazine, talks about the Capitol riots, police response, the 25th Amendment, hateful slogans and flags used by rioters, the fallout among Republicans, and the global response. He also provides analysis on the Georgia Senate elections and the rising spread of misinformation and its impact on democracy.

Today, protestors took to the streets of downtown Rock Island to demonstrate against the confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden’s win.


Protestors met at the Rock Island County Republican Headquarters and marched to the county office building, chanting “USA” and “stop the steal.” 


Roxanne Croegaert of Milan says she doesn’t believe President Donald Trump lost the election. 

Scott County Board of Supervisors

A new chair will lead the Scott County Board of Supervisors this year. Monday morning during their annual organizational meeting, members elected Ken Beck to serve as chair for the first time after three years as vice-chair.

He succeeds Tony Knobbe who led the board for three years.The third Republican on the five member board, John Maxwell, will serve as vice-chair, for the first time.The two Democrats are Ken Croken and Brinson Kinzer. 

Libby Meyer, Federal Reporter for Iowa Starting Line, talks about the contested Iowa 2nd congressional district race and the autopsy report on the 2020 Iowa caucuses, two major stories bookending a strange and unpredictable year in Iowa politics.