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Thoms Running for Illinois State Senate

Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms announces his candidacy for State Senate
Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms announces his candidacy for State Senate

Republican Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms is running for the Illinois Senate. Thursday morning he began a several-stop announcing tour of the new 36th Senate district.

If elected, he says his focus would be on the economy and jobs.

"More jobs, more rooftops. More rooftops, more retail. More retail, more income. And that's how we do it. We need to generate new income for the state of Illinois, not continue taxing the existing people that are here, more every year. It doesn't work."


He thinks too many businesses, jobs, and people are leaving Illinois because of high taxes and reckless state spending.

Another important part of his platform is his support for law enforcement, and opposition to recent new laws he thinks restrict police.

"We need to give law enforcement the tools, the training, and the support they need to reduce crime. We need to have their back, we can't just let them constantly have to second guess, third guess their moves, every move they make."

Despite his senate district being drawn by Democrats to favor their party, he's optimistic about his chances in next year's election.

"Going into it I'm not just looking at Republican and Democrat - it's the citizens. And whether their wants and needs, and try to meet those. I had some great support as mayor from a number of Democrats and so I feel that we can reach across the line and have commonality."

Thoms is now serving his second term as mayor of Rock Island.

The new 36th District starts in the Illinois Quad Cities, and goes south through Galesburg and Monmouth, to Macomb.