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Quad Cities gallery hosts accessible art exhibit

Janae Patrice Photography

People with visual or auditory impairments can experience multi-sensory art at a new exhibit.

The Dark Sensory Space exhibit at the Catich Gallery features braille, light boxes, and ambient noise.

Iowa based artist, Jill Wells, uses light, sound and texture, or lack thereof, to create an accessible, calming art exhibit.

Three boxes of light, one orange, one green, and one purple, in a dark room.
Janae Patrice Photography
The exhibit features interactive light boxes.

"Each individual lightbox on the wall itself, you can choose if you want one of them on, all of them on," Wells said. "You can choose if you don't want a steady stream of light."

"The sound in the room, you can choose if you want to have meditation sound, brown noise, white noise, pink noise. You can choose environmental tones, and then there's sound-cancelling head phones, so you can choose absolutely no sound," Wells said.

With interactive features, Wells invites viewers to make the exhibit their own.

"Rather than simply viewing the art, visitors are invited to explore and interact with the environment in a tactile and engaging way," Wells said. "This creates, I believe, a deeper level of engagement and allows vistors to fully immerse themselves in the artwork, creating a more meaningful and memorable experience."

Open to people of all abilities, the exhibition is supported by the Iowa Department for the Blind.

Dark Sensory Space will be at the Catich Gallery of St. Ambrose University until Dec. 15.

Lexi is an intern at WVIK, and a reporter at the Augustana Observer.