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New Putnam Exhibit Shows Food Around the World

While Americans typically eat a diet vastly different than that of people in the rest of the world, one thing is the same: food brings us together. That's the idea behind the new exhibit, "Hungry Planet" at the Putnam Museum in Davenport. 

Friday, members of the media toured the exhibit, and were given the chance to taste dried insects, kangaroo jerky, and other exotic treats. Putnam President and CEO, Kim Findlay, was the first to sample a dehydrated tarantula. 
Findlay says the "Hungry Planet" exhibit includes giant photographs of families from around the world standing next to a week's worth of food. 

She was surprised by how much pre-packaged food was included in Americans' diets.

The Putnam Museum also added items from its own collection, such as bowls and cups, to show how food is consumed in different places. 

The "Hungry Planet" exhibit will open Saturday, October 1, at the Putnam Museum in Davenport.

And along with the exhibit, the Putnam will hold events on Tuesday nights, covering topics, such as raising your own food and the global clean water crisis.