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DeSantis Covers Broad Range of Topics During Davenport Visit

desantis Capture.PNG
And To The Republic (ATTRORG)
Florida Goveernor Ron DeSantis speaks to Scott County Republicans at Rhythm City Casino in Davenport (screenshot from Rumble livestream video)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came to Davenport this morning to tell Scott County Republicans about his "Freedom Blueprint."

He's promoting his book, "The Courage to Be Free: Florida's Blueprint for America's Revival." And many in the GOP are trying to persuade him to run for the GOP presidential nomination.

DeSantis says he has a unique perspective in Florida since so many people retire in the state.

desantis greets signs books Capture.jpg
And To The Republic (attrorg)
And To The Republic (attrorg)
People gather around Gov. DeSantis to get him to sign copies of his book.

"When I talk to people in Florida from Illinois, a lot of them are very bitter and annoyed about what's going on with their politics. Some of them just to visit. Some of them to be absolutely uproot their lives and come to Florida, Minnesota. They were fleeing lockdowns to come to Sarasota and Naples in these places. But when I meet Iowans in Florida, they're happy. They love their state because it's well run."

DeSantis also says Florida has passed legislation to protect women's sports and children. "We've had to take action to stop taking these Miners and giving them puberty blockers and sex change operations are children or not. Guinea pigs. For medical experimentation. We don't want people making money. Mutilating them. Is that are irreversible. And I know, By working on this too."

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds joined DeSantis in Davenport, and he's scheduled to speak in Des Moines.

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