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Humane Society Hopes to Empty the Shelter

preparing for December's Empty the Shelter event
Humane Society of Scott County
preparing for December's Empty the Shelter event

The Humane Society of Scott County hopes to celebrate the holidays by finding a home for every pet. So next month it will partner with the Bissell Pet Foundation for an event called "Empty the Shelters - Holiday Hope."

Celina Rippel, Development and Communication Coordinator for the Humane Society, says this year, the fees will be a little different from the past.

"It's official, we are waiving fees completely for all cats and dogs. And our normal adoption application and screening process will still go into, will still be part of the process. That's always a question we get because people are always like 'oh, you're just handing dogs out for free.'"

Rippel says the the Bissell Foundation allows each shelter to choose how much to reduce the fees each year. Usually, the Humane Society of Scott County offers a $50 reduction, but this year, it will focus on finding as many homes for pets as possible.

"Right now we are way over capacity, we have way more animals than we do kennels. We have a lot of wire pop up kennels right now for temporary housing just because we are running out of kennel space."

Rippel says the shelter in Davenport is able to offer lower or waived adoption fees because Bissell partially reimburses the shelter. The national event includes 280 shelters in 42 states and will go from December 1st to the 11th.