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Deere Works to Comply with California's Gas-Powered Vehicle Sales Ban

Deere electric tractor
Deere & Co.
Deere & Co., https://www.deere.ca/en/news/all-news/electric-variable-transmission/
From a Deere & Co. press release for a 2023 model: "A new stepless Electric Variable Transmission (EVT) will be available for all 410-horsepower 8 Series Tractors including 8R, 8RT and 8RX models."

Deere and Company is studying how to deal with California's plan to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles.

The ban will include sales of farm and construction equipment.

CARB line graph new_vehicle_sales_drupal.png
California Air Resources Board
California Air Resources Board, https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/news/california-moves-accelerate-100-new-zero-emission-vehicle-sales-2035
The California Air Resources Board released this line graph as it announced new rules to eventually ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles.

Last week, the California Air Resources Board approved a set of rules for switching to all electric cars and trucks. And the governor's executive order will require all new, off-road equipment sales to be zero emissions where feasible by 2035.

To prepare for the change, Deere says it's "exploring technical advancements around internal combustion engines, renewable fuels, hybrid electric vehicles, and battery electric vehicles." The goal is to "deliver these technologies to customers where they make sense."

For example, last winter Deere bought Kreisel Electric, an Austrian company that specializes in battery technology.

Deere said the acquistion of Kreisel will allow Deere to design electric vehicles and powertrains, mainly for "high-performance and off-highway applications." And those products may include small tractors and construction equipment.

Deere electric motor 8R tractor Capture.PNG
Deere & Co.
Deere & Co., https://www.deere.ca/en/news/all-news/electric-variable-transmission/
Screenshot from a John Deere online press release

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