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Waste Commission Says Avoid "Wishcycling"

Scott County Waste Commission
Megan Fox, Scott County Waste Commission

The road to the recycling bin may be filled with good intentions.

But Megan Fox from the Waste Commission of Scott County wants to teach people what not to put in their bins. She presented a program called, Wishcycling at Davenport's Eastern Avenue Library on Friday.

Fox says just hoping an item is recyclable doesn't mean it is. When styrofoam, plastic bags, plastic film, diapers, clothes, and wood enter the all-in, single stream, they create problems. Employees have to take time to remove them from the fast-moving line. And they may cause tangling and delays.

If the waste commission's buyers reject a load of recyclables, the entire bale will probably end up in the landfill.

Items that can be dangerous when placed in recycling bins include propane tanks, electronics, lithium ion and rechargable batteries. The Scott Electronics Recovery Center will accept batteries plus electronics. And propane tanks may be dropped off as Hazardous Household Materials.

Fox says, "if in doubt, leave it out."

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