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Niabi Zoo Welcomes a New Colobus Monkey

niabi Kenna and 1st baby.jpeg
Niabi Zoo
Kenna and newborn Bitinze

The Niabi Zoo recently welcomed another Colobus monkey to its troop. "Bitinze" an Eastern Black and White Colobus monkey, was born on May 9th to Kenna and Tuli.

These monkeys are usually found in the woodlands of tropical Africa. They are born completely white, and after three weeks, darker patches of hair begin to appear, which give them their name.

Currently, the Niabi Zoo has 8 Colobus monkeys, and there are a total of 170 in zoos across North America. The Niabi Zoo is a member of the Black and White Colobus Species Survival Plan, working to make sure these monkeys do not become endangered.

In addition, the zoo has just received $160,000 for the new Painted dog exhibit. The grant from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust brings the Niabi Zoo closer to its goal, and closer to beginning construction on the new exhibit.