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Illinois QC Creek Survey

Kyte Creek outlined in red
Kyte Creek outlined in red

A state agency and FEMA are examining several local creeks to improve flood maps in Rock Island County.

Flood maps help determine insurance requirements and help communities reduce their risk during floods.

Chris Hanstad, senior engineer for the Illinois State Water Survey, says flood plain studies are routine.

"What we're seeing varies across the state, there are portions of the state where we've seen the flood plain decreasing, there are areas we see them widening compared to the previous studies."

For several more weeks, Hanstad says survey crews may have to work on private property to study the creeks and surrounding terrain.

"The surveyors may need to access property to get to certain locations or they're obtaining information. They should be wearing brightly colored vests and carrying surveying equipment, rods and things of that nature, so the should be easy to identify but we don't really expect much in the way of property disruption."

The creeks that will be surveyed are Coal Creek, Eckhart Creek, Kyte Creek, and Shaffer Creek in Moline, Rock Island, Coal Valley, and Milan.

The survey will continue through early summer.