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Runway Changes at QC Airport

qc airport runway 1.png
Quad Cities International Airport
the QC Airport with the three runways intersecting in the middle, showing how the general aviation runway will be shortened.

Thanks to federal funding, construction has finally started on a long, planned-for project at the Quad Cities International Airport.

qc airport overhead view.jpg
the Quad Cities International Airport

The general aviation runway will be shortened and a new taxiway will allow commercial flights to move around the airport faster.

Spokeswoman Ashleigh Davis says airport operations will be much safer once the general aviation runway is shortened from 5,000 to 3,500 feet.

"We're going to shorten that to 3,500 feet which will basically detach it from the other two commercial runways. That'll create a separate campus that our general aviation pilots can access from the hangar area. So, right on to the their runway, right back again, not having to compete with commercial traffic."

Currently the three runways intersect.

Funding for the 10 million dollar project comes from the Federal Aviation Administration and ARPA, the American Rescue Plan Act. And it's expected to be completed by November.