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Iowa Communities Pay for Highway 30 Study

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US Highway 30 Coalition

Clinton and some other communities are hoping to convince the state to widen two sections of Highway 30 to four lanes. They're paying for a private consultant to study the possible economic impact of adding lanes, from DeWitt to near Cedar Rapids (Lisbon), and a section west of Ames (Carroll to Ogden).

Andy Sokolovich, Interim President and CEO of the Clinton Regional Development Corporation, says there's a lot of truck traffic between his city and Cedar Rapids. And additional lanes would promote safety and save money.

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US Highway 30 Coalition

"One, to insure that these trucks can get to and from at a rapid rate. Two, lower fuel costs for themselves because they're traveling at a higher rate of speed - they're not stopping and idling behind a tractor that's trying to move from one farm to another. And three, really just to kind of open up the artery of transportation into the city of Clinton and surrounding communities."

Communities along Highway 30 have asked many times for four lanes, but the state is only considering adding some passing lanes, every few miles. And he says that's not good enough.

"And I think as they four-lane Highway 20, we've seen the economic growth along that project of four-lane Highway 20, and we're looking to see the same economic growth along Highway 30."

Members of the U.S. Highway 30 Coalition will pay for the study, including 5,000 dollars from the Clinton Regional Development Corporation. And it could be finished by the end of the year.

(DeWitt to Lisbon 45 miles)
(Carroll to Ogden 44 miles)