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Louisville Restaurant Owner Killed During Police Response Over Curfew


Now we hear one woman's response to a death in Louisville. Someone shot and killed restaurant owner David McAtee. It happened as the police and National Guard were responding to reports of a curfew violation. Hundreds gathered as Mr. McAtee's body was carried from the intersection where he died. Louisville Courier reporter Dominique Yates captured a moment when the crowd fell silent except for one woman.


UNIDENTIFIED PERSON: (Singing) I once was lost, but now I'm found.

INSKEEP: Among those at the scene was McAtee's mother, Odessa Riley, who recalled her son in an interview with WHASLN.


ODESSA RILEY: They took a good person. They took a good person, and they took it from me. That's my baby son. Now he's gone on. I got to grieve for I don't know how long.

INSKEEP: McAtee owned and operated YaYa's Barbecue and was known for giving away free food, including food to police officers during this week's protests in Louisville, Ky.

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