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Christmas Recycling

A lot of presents means a lot of paper and packaging to deal with, and only some of it can be recycled.

Kurt Liske from the Waste Commission of Scott County says most wrapping paper is NOT recyclable.

"Generally speaking there's a plastic coating on that paper and that plastic coating can't be broken down at the paper mills and turned into recycled paper. That's actually something we have to reject when it comes in."

Tissue paper is recyclable, but styrofoam, molded plastic packaging, and artificial trees are not.

Liske says any holiday lights that don't work anymore can be recycled, but they can't be put out at the curb. Instead, they have to be brought to the Waste Commission center in Davenport - but it's free for residents of Scott and Rock Island counties.

"The statistic nationwide is that during November, December, and January the volume of recyclables goes up by about 25 % across the country. We definitely see that trend - our recycling center is jam-packed with paper right now and we're processing it as quickly as possible."

For a complete list of what is, and what's not, recyclable, go to the Waste Commission website at waste com dot com.