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Moline Township Distributes Blankets

Though the temperatures have been nearing 100 degrees these past couple of days, some local agencies are already preparing for a cold winter. On Tuesday, Moline Township distributed bio-degradable blankets to Rock Island County organizations to be given to the community's homeless population.

Township supervisor Don Johnston says this is the thirteenth year the township has done this.

"Well I think there's a need there," said Johnston. "Like I say, if nothing else, people can put a blanket in their car for any emergencies. But the fire departments, and the police departments, and the homeless veterans organizations, they can hand these things out and they don't have to worry about getting them back, or trying to clean them or anything. And just throw them away when they're through with them"

Johnston says this year, the township received 900 blankets from the DefenseSupply Center in Philadelphia. But they end up running out each year.

"We order anywhere from 950 to 1,500," said Johnston. "One time we came close to 2,000. But you never know. I mean, I wish we'd have gotten 500 more this time because it looks like there's a real need for them. People are requesting them. Because you just never know how many are going to show up or how much the need is."

Organizations that came to collect blankets from the Moline Township Tuesday included the Salvation Army, the Humility of Mary, and the Stand-Down for Homeless Veterans.