Birdies for Charity Breaks Fundraising Record

Oct 31, 2017

It was another record-breaking year for Birdies for Charity. The annual event raises money based on the number of Birdies recorded during the John Deere Classic. 

The total, announced Tuesday at Deere and Company Headquarters in Moline, is $12.27 million.

For the fifth year in a row, that total includes a 10 percent bonus from the John Deere Foundation for each of the 521 participating organizations.

One of this year's recipients is the Quad City Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees. President Grant Curtis says this was their first year raising money through Birdies.

"We had talked about it in the past and decided that this year was the year that we needed to reach out and do this," Curtis says. "Like most non-profits, you know, you look for every little edge you can to gain some additional income and this was nice one for us."

He says QC AIR raised about $12,600, plus the 10 percent bonus, and an extra $1,000 that they won in a drawing at the announcement ceremony.

Curtis says the money will go toward events and hiring a part-time employee.