A man leaves the John Deere World Headquarters after the annual meeting.
Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Hundreds of people who own John Deere stock will come to the Quad Cities tomorrow. Michelle O'Neill reports the company's annual meeting will be held at World Headquarters in Moline.

Shareholders will elect twelve directors, including the newest one, Alan Heuberger. He's Senior Manager at BMGI, a consulting firm specializing in strategic problem-solving. Shareholders will also vote on other routine items such as Deere and Company's accounting firm and executive compensation.

John Deere

John Deere has announced more layoffs at two eastern Iowa plants, including one in the Quad Cities. Spokesman Ken Golden says 115 workers in Waterloo will be laid off, effective September 23rd and in Davenport, a week later.

Deere & Company

As expected, sales and profits fell in the third quarter for Deere and Company. Today it reported sales for May through July dropped 11 per cent, and net income fell to 489 million dollars, compared with 511 million for the same quarter last year - a drop of 4 1/2 per cent.

Spokesman Ken Golden says sales of Deere farm and landscape equipment decreased eleven percent in the third quarter, year over year. And the company predicts they'll drop eight per cent for the full year.

Adjusting to lower demand, the company will lay off 120 workers at the Deere Harvester combine factory in East Moline. The layoffs will take effect right after Labor Day.

Decker Ploehn, John Deere Classic volunteer and former tournament chairman
Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

"It was great in '08, and it's been getting better ever since." That's a quote from John Deere Classic volunteer, Decker Ploehn. Bettendorf's city administrator was the chairman of the local PGA tournament in 2008. And the quote is a reference to the increasing amount of money raised for charity and addition of more volunteers over the years.

This year, Ploehn is volunteering in player services.

Ploehn was also the auctioneer at Monday night's Pro-Am Party, which raised around $37,000 for Birdies for Charity.

Factory building with farm equipment parked outside
Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

John Deere plans to lay off 120 workers at the Harvester Works in East Moline. Today, the company told the production workers who will be placed on indefinite layoff  September 6th.

Factory building with farm equipment parked outside
Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Deere and Company will work with researchers to put new technology to work on the shop floor.

Screen shot of farm equipment sales projection for Deere fy 2016 /

Deere and Company will layoff more workers in the Quad Cities. In a press release, the company says 220 employees at John Deere Seeding and Cylinder in Moline will be laid off on February 15th, 2016.

The news reflects last week’s earnings report, and predictions that farm equipment sales will decrease next year. Deere says it changes number of employees at specific factories based market demand for their products. / DN2K

Deere and Company has a new partner to help make sense of "big data" collected by farmers. This month, the company announced the new venture with a Colorado company called DN2K.