UT Finalizes 2018 Budget

Sep 12, 2018

United Township High School in East Moline

Even though the school year has already started, the United Township School Board has just approved this year's budget. It includes projected revenue of $33 million and expenditures around $30 million.

Superintendent Jay Morrow says the three $3 million difference will be spent on improvements.

"We hope over the next year or two, as the state gets back on track financially, that we would look to either add programs, or more likely, try to reduce class sizes by increasing our staff."

Morrow says the budget includes extra money for the construction of a new student life center at UT.

"That's our combination new library, student commons, and office complex with secure front office to the building. And that's projected to be a little over $9.6 million project."

Work began on the center in July, and should be finished next summer.