Thanksgiving Community Dinner

Nov 13, 2014

Despite major changes, SouthPark Mall in Moline will still be the site for this year's annual community dinner hosted by Mr. Thanksgiving. Today Bob Vogelbaugh invited everyone to his Thanksgiving feast, which will be held where the Old Navy store used to be. He also requested donations to help pay for the huge meal.This is Vogelbaugh's 44th year hosting the holiday dinner. But, he says it took until last spring for him to realize this is his calling. 

Bob Vogelbaugh with SouthPark manager Kathy Jurgens.
Credit WVIK Staff

Vogelbaugh earned the title of Mr. Thanksgiving when he first invited some customers of his grocery store to eat with him so they wouldn't be alone. 32 years ago, the dinner moved to SouthPark Mall, where nearly three thousand people now celebrate the holiday each year. 

Vogelbaugh says the event is possible because of donations and volunteers. 

This year, 400 volunteers will help serve 27-hundred pounds of turkey. But, Vogelbaugh says he still needs ten thousand dollars to pay for all the food. 

Dinner will be served Thanksgiving Day from 4 until 6:30 pm. Metro Link will offer free rides to the mall, but reservations are necessary.