New Black Hawk College Library

Sep 10, 2014


Students, faculty and staff celebrate the opening of the library.
Credit Black Hawk College

Students at Black Hawk College are writing papers and checking out books from a new library. Today, the college held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Quad Cities Campus Library and Teaching/Learning Center. Renovations began in May and finished in August, just before classes started.

Ashton Trimble, director of Library Services, says the library has a new interior design, including a new elevator, carpet, sound panels, and energy efficient windows. 

"We have less library stacks than we used to, but we have a lot more tables. We have a lot more soft seating. We've added some extra computer stations. We've really opened up the floor and given the students a lot more space to work--either collaboratively or on their own and in a more comfortable environment."

The library features a growing virtual reference collection and an interlibrary loan program. It also shares a space with a new Teaching and Learning Center for faculty. 

"They receive a lot of training in terms of introducing technology into their curriculum and how to use technology in the classroom, so that's going to be a great addition to our library space as well," Trimble says. 

Renovations on the Black Hawk Quad Cities Library and Teaching/Learning Center cost $1.5 million.