Moline is Looking for a City Administrator. Again.

Sep 27, 2019

Lisa Kotter, former Moline and Geneseo City Administrator
Credit submitted / City of Moline

Moline City Administrator, Lisa Kotter, has resigned.

She's only been in the position for five months.

Tuesday's city council agenda includes a mutual agreement for Kotter to leave her job, effective immediately. 

Another item is to appoint Public Works Director J. D. Schulte Interim City Administrator with a 10% increase in his salary. 

Kotter served as Geneseo's city administrator before accepting the position in Moline. 

In January, former Moline City Administrator Doug Maxeiner also left the job abruptly. Mayor Stephanie Acri says the decision was "mutually agreed upon" by Maxeiner and the city council, and no reason was given. He now works as East Moline's City Administrator. 

And in November 2016, former City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher announced his retirement on a Tuesday, and he was gone the next day. Scott Raes was the mayor at the time. Steinbrecher now works as the City Administrator in Monmouth, IL.