Elliott Aviation Leads Industry in High Tech Installations

Dec 16, 2019

Elliott Aviation is helping jet owners add new technology and meet new, federal requirements.

Michelle O'Neill reports the Moline-based company has a contract with Garmin to install Garmin's latest avionics called, the G5000.

Garmin G5000 avionics equipment installed by Elliott Aviation
Credit submitted / Elliott Aviation

Conrad Theisen, Elliott's Avionics Sales Director, says his company's shops in Moline and Des Moines have installed more G5000s than all its competitors combined.

He says it's a misconception that private jets are a luxury. "They are tools to companies out there, and downtime is a key factor."

Elliott Aviation also buys from Garmin in bulk, then passes the savings along to customers. Theisen gives most of the credit to the company's employees.

Elliott Aviation is very busy right now. That's in part because of a new mandate for all business aircraft to be equipped with next-gen air traffic equipment by the first of the year.

It's called, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, and it'll send more data to air traffic controllers.