Davenport Schools Begin to Make Up Lost Days

Mar 4, 2019

Schedule changes go into effect Monday for the Davenport schools to make up for days lost to bad weather. 

Spokeswoman Dawn Saul says the district lost 7 full days, and had either two-hour late starts or early dismissals on 6 others. So starting Monday the school day will start 10 minutes earlier and end 10 minutes later than usual.

"So there shouldn't be a huge impact for families. As a matter of fact some families are going to like the fact that we're going 10 minutes earlier in the morning - it helps them get to work on time."

Early dismissals on Wednesdays for teacher professional development are canceled, and one more school day has been added in June.

"I think it's about as clean and simple as we could make this. This way we're not going in and taking spring break time."

Saul also says there'll be no change in graduation, still scheduled for June 2nd.