Bustos Moving Up?

Oct 1, 2018

Cheri Bustos with Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough.
Credit MSNBC

Cheri Bustos wants to move up in the leadership of her party in the US House. Monday the 17th District Congresswoman from East Moline announced if Democrats win a majority this fall, she'll run for the number four position in House leadership -  Assistant Democratic Leader.

Bustos made the announcement on the MSNBC program Morning Joe.

"It's not enough just to win back the majority which we have to stay focused on, but we have to keep the majority. And that's the kind of experience I hope my colleagues say I could bring to the leadership table - making sure that we are smart in the two years leading up to 2020 and keep the majority after that."

Currently she is co-chair of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, and the only member in party leadership from the midwest.

Bustos also outlined her plans in a letter to fellow House Democrats that says, "As November 6th draws near, I grow increasingly confident we will soon usher in a new Democratic majority." 

And she pledged to focus on the newest and most vulnerable House members to protect and achieve what she calls "a strong, diverse and lasting Democratic majority."