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Lights, Tinsel, and Inflatable Decorations: Behind the Scenes at Analog's Super Awesome Christmas Time III

Dan Bush/Marc Zyla

In this episode of the What's Happening QC podcast, host Marc Zyla sits down with Dan Bush from Bummer City Inc., the company behind several businesses in the Quad Cities. They dive into the annual Christmas pop-up event happening at Analog Pizza and Arcade in Moline. With over 40,000 lights, nearly 2,000 feet of tinsel, and an array of inflatable decorations, this event has become a staple in the community during the holiday season. Dan shares how the event started as a way to bring people together safely after the COVID pandemic and how it has grown in popularity each year.

One exciting addition to the Analog building is the new mural painted on its side. Dan explains the process of bringing this public art project to fruition and the impact it has on the community. He shares his enthusiasm for supporting local artists and boosting public art in the Quad Cities.

The conversation then shifts to the challenges of operating businesses like Armored Gardens and Devin's during the slower winter months. Dan provides insights into how they navigate reduced indoor space and adjust schedules and staffing to remain profitable.

In the second segment of the podcast, Dan shares his recommendations for other exciting events and new restaurants popping up in downtown Davenport during the holiday season. With increasing competition, he expresses his curiosity about how these new additions will shape the winter season in the Quad Cities.

Overall, this episode of the What's Happening QC podcast brings attention to the festive atmosphere at Analog Pizza and Arcade and the transformative power of public art. It explores the challenges faced by local businesses in the slower winter months and the excitement surrounding new developments in the Quad Cities.

Marc Zyla joined WVIK, Quad Cities NPR in May 2022 as the Director of Community Engagement. Prior to that Zyla had been the Director of Education and Community Engagement with the Quad City Symphony Orchestra, where he continues to perform as Principal Horn. Zyla believes that there is something for everyone in public radio and brings passion and creativity to his position as Director of Community Engagement.