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Quad Cities Interfaith Proposes Community ID

Quad Cities Interfaith

Tomorrow Quad Cities Interfaith will ask the Scott County Board of Supervisors to create a community ID card. The goal is to make it easier for immigrants to access services.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Mexican Consulate in Omaha, Nebraska closed. But now it's open again.

Interfaith Leader Gloria Mancilla says this is a problem for many hispanics.

"Just think about it, like I said we have to drive four hours to Omaha to get there and then four hour to come back. And then the paper documentation is more expensive. Even just for a passport you pay $180 for four years when a community ID can range from $8 to $4 depending on the county."

Mancilla says the community ID could help Scott County residents in many different ways. For example, open bank accounts, provide identification for doctors appointments, check kids out of school, and report crimes to the police.

"Having this ID and identifying yes i am part of this community and yes I belong here, it gives you that bravery to speak up and say this is what's going on, this is happening, this is what i want to report. And that's one of the major issues here, it's safety."

If implemented, applicants would need legal documents to certify their identity. This includes documents that the Mexican Consulate in Omaha, Nebraska would accept.

Saturday at St. Anthony's Catholic Church at 11:00 am, Quad Cities Interfaith and other organizations will discuss the Community ID proposal with Scott County Supervisors.