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Moline Decides on How to Spend COVID-19 Recovery Funds

Example of a bill from Terrace Cannabis showing local taxes and total charges
Terrace Cannabis website
Terrace Cannabis
Example of a bill from Terrace Cannabis showing local taxes and total charges

City leaders in Moline are trying to decide how to spend nearly 21 million dollars.

That's the city's allocation from the federal program ARPA, or the American Recovery Plan Act.

Bob Vitas is the Moline City Administrator.
"And then all the projects within the strategic plan, several of them were of course were funded with both the ARPA dollars that were unrestrictive as well as those that are restrictive."

The main types of the unrestrictive funds are infrastructure, quality of place, and economy. Each of which are dedicated to city improvement, reimbursement, and the long-term success of the city.

Vitas says the ARPA funds will help the city recoup losses.
"In the case of the public sector, when we talk about, what we're referring to dollars that were allocated to cover overtime related costs, due to absences, due to illness. And we were able to repay the city for its costs associated with the impacts of COVID."

For this year, Moline plans to spend roughly ten million dollars from its ARPA money, to help small businesses and non-profits like Mercado on Fifth, for water and sewer projects, and broadband.

Susanna Kemerling is WVIK Quad Cities NPR's 2022 Fellowship Host/Reporter. She graduated from Northern Illinois University for Media Studies in Communication and spent the last year working as a Teaching Assistant through the graduate program at NIU.
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