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Quad Cities' PACG Challenges Locals to Participate in Plastic-Free July

Plastic Free July Graphic

Progressive Action for the Common Good and its Environment forum are promoting "Plastic Free July" in the Quad Cities. Plastic Free July is a philanthropic initiative started in Australia in 2019, and this will be PACG's second year participating.

A member of the Environmental Forum, Lori McCollum, says anyone can participate in the month-long challenge.
"It's easy to get rid or unnecessary plastic, or at least easier. Things like plastic bags, straws and plastic bottles; all you need is alternatives to that. You can have stainless steel cups or bottles, fabric bags, you can buy straws that are biodegradable or stainless steel."
McCollum emphasizes how you can limit your plastic consumption even when eating out.
"You can always say, 'I don't need a straw'', 'Please, wrap it in foil.' or 'Please, give it to me in a paper bag.' These are not huge asks and if stores keep getting these requests they are more likely to move in that direction."
She added the issue of plastic use doesn't just effect the environment, but also has social impacts on marginalized communities. 75 percent of the Quad Cities total litter is plastic and she encourages local residents to get involved in clean-ups as well as Plastic Free July.
For more information about the Plastic Free July challenge, go to www.plasticfreejuly.org.

Plastic Free July Choices

Susanna Kemerling is WVIK Quad Cities NPR's 2022 Fellowship Host/Reporter. She graduated from Northern Illinois University for Media Studies in Communication and spent the last year working as a Teaching Assistant through the graduate program at NIU.
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